Helmet City was formed in 1996. Our original goal was to provide racing helmets for our drag racing friends and family members and to give them the individual attention and customer service they expected.

With the help of the Internet, Helmet City has become a well-known name in the motorsports and motorcycle markets. We strive to provide excellent, personalized customer service to our customers and fellow racers.

Our goal is to provide the customer with the best price and most personalized service possible!

Kyle and I (John) have been friends for decades, and racing is in our blood. We know the tight-knit racing community inside out and couldn’t imagine a life without motor-sports. Who better understands the needs of a racer than two guys who love to race? That’s why we decided to open Helmet City in 1996. (Yep, we’ve been online since ’96!) And now, 15 years later, we’ve earned a reputation as some of the best in the business (at least we think so) by doing what we love – providing unparalleled customer service. We put the same amount of heart into Helmet City as we do into our racing, and we hope our enthusiasm for what we do is tangible to our customers.

I’ve been passionate about racing for as long as I can remember. I rebuilt my first engine when I was 13 and never stopped tinkering. I’ve won a number of races in my ’55 Austin-Healey, which I purchased from Kyle’s dad!

Kyle tried to avoid his parents’ drag racing legacy by dedicating himself to bowling. His competitive nature led to achieve a 195 average, but he could not escape his instincts. At the age of 16, he traded his bowling ball for a steering wheel and has enjoyed an astonishing number of victories since. He has accumulated 22 Division 7 Championships, making him possibly the most decorated driver in his division.

And it was these passions that drove us to start Helmet City in ’96. When Kyle and I had the idea for Helmet City, we joined forces and Helmetcity.com was born.

We live, eat and breathe racing, which we think gives us a unique perspective on the products and services our customers need.

Together, we’ve built a business tailored to the needs of people who love motor-sports. And nothing makes us happier than to helping customer improve their riding experience with our products. Thanks for visiting the site today. And please give us a call if you feel like talking about products, racing, or anything at all!

Thanks again for visiting.

Your friends,

John and Kyle

Helmet City Founders

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