The new Bell Mag-9 Sena Bluetooth Helmet: Cutting edge technology at its finest!

ell Mag-9 SenaGet ready for the next big thing! The Bell Mag-9 Sena helmet was designed specifically to be used with the Sena SMH-10 Dual Bluetooth Headset, a device that won webbikeworld’s Best Product of 2010.

Sena Bluetooth Headset

“Our Santa Cruz design/engineering team spent countless hours studying the market and potential Bluetooth partners before developing this new design that provides an unmatched riding experience in both terms of both sound and comfort” said Chris Sackett, Business Unit Director for Bell Powersports.

“Unlike many communication systems, there is no cutting, drilling or tearing apart of your helmet, and riders who already have the Sena SMH10 can simply transfer it to the Mag-9 Sena.”

The Mag 9 Sena is an open face design and offers a convenient drop-down sunshield. The liner is removable and washable and the cheek pads are contour style for an excellent fit.

Bell Mag-9 Sena Red

This gorgeous lid is offered in several classic colors as well as a “rally” graphic.

For touring riders, this helmet will reinvent your ride with it convenience and awesome Bluetooth capabilities. With superior comfort, great volume and sound quality, the Mag-9 Sena helmet offers it all!



O’Neal Helmets, Pants, Boots… oh my!

Join Helmet City in welcoming the wonderful line of Helmets and Apparel to our collection. We offer all the great new helmets, pants and boots exclusively from O’Neal. O’Neal is our second brand that carries bluetooth equipped helmets and we’re so pleased to welcome them to the team!

O’Neal is also responsible for the ever so popular line of Rock Hard Full Face and Motorcross helmets.

ONeal Rockhard Helmet - Slipknot "Nine"

O'Neal Rockhard Helmet - Slipknot "Nine"

The Rockhard line is available in several of your favorite Rockstars from Elvis Presley to AC/DC!

The Rockhard Full Face helmet features include:

Rockhard Helmets is the ultimate expression in the purest form. Each helmet is produced with exclusive graphics personally approved by the world’s greatest music artists and pop culture icons. Each helmet is produced in limited quantity and is certified and numbered with its own Certificate of Authenticity. Once they are gone, they are GONE!

Each Helmet passes the highest safety standards from around the world are certified with such standards in each country in which they are sold. These standards include DOT, SNELL, Australia, EU, Japan and ECE. Each helmet is produced with the finest in materials and is made with the most comfortable liners for a perfect fit every ride. These graphics are exclusively licensed worldwide and are only available from ROCKHARD HELMETS

  • Advanced composite fiberglass/Kevlar /carbon/Spectra core
  • Blend of materials creates a strong, light, energy-absorbent, and impact-resistant design
  • Multiple adjustable vents for customizable airflow
  • Shell’s design creates a vacuum effect, drawing hot air away from the head
  • Clear 2mm molded Polycarbonate Uni-Curve flat race face shield for outstanding optical clarity
  • Tinted and colored face shields available (sold separately)
  • Removable, washable liner for ease of cleaning and care
  • Safety standards meet and exceed – SNELL M2005, DOT, AS Australian Standard, JS (Japan) standard OR ECE 2205 throughout Europe
  • Sizes – XS – XXL Adult

Check out our selection of Rockhard Full Face and Off Road Motorcross motorcycle helmets. We’ve recently reduced our prices on some great Rockhard models… So what are you waiting for? These helmets won’t last long! Why not rockhard to your new helmet and its price!

O'Neal Element Pants - Legacy

O'Neal Element Pants - Legacy

O’Neal offers a variety of motorcycle pants. The Element pant line from O’Neal features include:

This is where it all begins! While some entry level pants skimp out on materials and features, the 2009 O’Neal Element Pant simply does not sacrifice. For unbeatable protection and value, this pant just can’t be beat!

  • Heavy duty denier fabrics
  • Durable spandex allows for stretching and increase movement in critical areas
  • Adjustable ratchet closure system
  • Protective rubber patches

O’Neal also carries a variety of boots that match their pants as well as their helmets. Why not cordinate your whole outfit with O’Neal?!

ONeal Element Boots - Black/Black

O'Neal Element Boots - Black/Black

O’Neal Element Boots were designed to be paired with the Element line of pants and helmets. Check out the Element Helmets here! or check out the Element Pants here!

The O’Neal Element motorcycle boots features include:

Nothing beats the Element Boot for value and protection for an entry level boot. Take it one step further with the new Piston Boot, a true original in design that is sure to get you noticed.

  • Unbeatable value and protection
  • Durable leather construction
  • Fully adjustable four buckle closure system
  • Tough sole with metal shank
  • Injection molded plastic shin plate and protection
  • Generous heel support and padding for added comfort
  • Leather heat shield

The O’Neal line of Helmets and Gear is receiving lots of attention at Helmet City. And with the quality, style and price why wouldn’t they be turning heads? So check out our great selection of O’Neal Motorcycle Helmets, Pants and Boots!

Vemar Helmets… Bluetooth equipped and much more!

Helmet City is now proud to offer Vemar Street and Off-Road Motorcycle helmets. Vemar motorcycle helmets are the first Bluetooth ready and mp3 compatible models to join the Helmet City family. Vemar offers a variety of colors and graphics in top of the line Bluetooth motorcycle helmets.

Even if you’re not ready to join the Bluetooth-savvy helmet stage, Vemar still has plenty to offer. With several great graphics and styles we’re sure you’ll go home happy if you choose to purchase a Vemar Motorcycle Helmet.

Vemar Jiano Bluetooth Helmet - Silver

Vemar Jiano Bluetooth Helmet - Silver

Alternate View of Vemar Jiano - Silver

Alternate View of Vemar Jiano - Silver

The Vemar Jiano Bluetooth Helmet, as pictured above, is available in Silver, Black and White. The Vemar Jiano Bluetooth Features include:

  • Compatible with your cell phone, GPS, MP3 etc.
  • Stereo speakers
  • Operates up to ten hours on a charge
  • Five (5) year warranty from manufacturing date. This is equal to the full usable life of the helmet
  • DOT certified
  • Mid-oval shell shape offers a more generous fit front to back and more snug fit ear to ear
  • Exterior shell is constructed of ultra light thermoplastic material and is aerodynamically shaped for ease of cutting through the air with less buffeting and wind noise, thus lessening the stress on the rider’s neck muscles after a long ride
  • The Jiano’s face cover lock mechanism exceeds expectations for safety and convenience. The face cover lock utilizes metal pins and hooks, making it extremely resistant to opening in the event of an accident. At the same time, the recessed actuation button is easy to use even with one gloved hand.
  • An anti-fog, non-scratch 2.2mm thick outer quick release clear shield is standard. Two anti-fog, non-scratch 2.2mm thick outer quick release clear shields are included with each helmet
  • A sleek dark tint interior shield can be moved into position at the rider’s discretion via an easy to access lever on the exterior left side of the helmet. Interior shield can be used even with the chin bar rotated upward
  • Double density high impact inner shell
  • Removable and washable ultra plush non-deformable high density expanded polyurethane inner liner
  • Padded chin strap with a micro adjustable closure buckle for fantastic comfort, easy operation and maximum safety
  • Removable breath deflector in the chin piece. A fine screen in chin vent for insect protection
  • A medium Jiano Bluetooth helmet weighs only 4.1 pounds
  • Features the exclusive Vemar Klima adjustable full ventilation system
  • Every Vemar helmet comes with a high quality helmet bag and a detailed user guide

The Vemar Jiano is also available without Bluetooth features. The colors available are Black, Silver, and White. The only Vemar Jiano Graphic at this time is the Escape, available in Matte Graphite and Matte Silver. Vemar Full Face Helmets are also available in several other great models with a wide variety of graphics to choose from.

Vemar Off Road motorcycle helmets are available in the VRX-5 and the VRX-7 models in both solids and graphics. The only bluetooth compatible Off Road Vemar helmet is the VRX-5 Predator Graphic in Silver.

Vemar VRX-5 Bluetooth Helmet - Predator Silver

Vemar VRX-5 Bluetooth Helmet - Predator Silver

The Vemar VRX-5 Bluetooth Predator has the following helmet features:

  • The VRX5 Predator Bluetooth Helmet comes fully equipped-no assembly required
  • Compatible with your cell phone, GPS, etc
  • Easy to operate, even with gloves on
  • Can be connected to MP3s but is not intended to be a high quality music sound system
  • Engineered in Italy to the motorcyclist specific EC standard
  • Five (5) year warranty from manufacturing date, which equates to the full usable life of the helmet
  • DOT and EC certified
  • The VRX5 features a round shell shape which offers a more generous fit ear to ear and snugger fit front to back
  • The exterior shell is constructed of a lightweight yet incredibly strong carbon fiber – aramidic – fiberglass blend
  • Two sizes of outer shells cover the 6 helmet sizes for the ultimate in a light weight yet proportional fit
  • The VRX5 comes equipped with a high impact inner shell with molded in air channels
  • Removable and washable ultra plush non-deformable high density expanded polyurethane cheek pads
  • Inner liner is manufactured from a technical fiber that provides life-long treatment against odor, fungus and bacteria, and extraordinary wicking capabilities that result in enhanced rider comfort.
  • Padded chin strap with double D-ring closure system
  • A medium VRX5 helmet weighs only 1430 grams or 3.1 pounds
  • An adjustable visor with a wide range of motion
  • Flexible breath deflector in the chin piece
  • A fine screen is in the chin vent for extra roost protection
  • Features the exclusive “Vemar Klima” full ventilation system
  • Superbly detailed, high pixel count, multi color and affect graphics
  • Every Vemar helmet comes with a high quality helmet bag and a detailed user guide

This helmet is also available without bluetooth.

Don’t worry! This is only the beginning of Vemar! Check out our website for more Full Face and Off Road Vemar solid and graphic motorcycle helmets!