Shark Frenzy

Shark truly goes above and beyond in putting their riders first. This continues to be shown through their helmets and more recently in the two newest additions to the Shark Evoline 3 series: Moov’Up and Arona.The new helmets feature a quick chin bar release system, noise and sound reduction, improved ventilation and a easily removable and washable liner. The visor is also equipped with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment. However, one of the most unique features that these helmets have to offer is the planned SHARKTOOTH location which gives you the option of installing the SHARKTOOTH technology. SHARKTOOTH is Shark’s very own Motorbike Wireless Entertainment System which comes with an array of awesomeness like a Bluetooth hands free kit for your cell phone, a bike to bike intercom system with other SHARKTOOTH riders, audio information from your bike’s Bluetooth GPS navigator and stereo Bluetooth A2DP music streaming. Lastly, the Moov’Up and Arona come in a variety of colors suitable for every rider.




Matte Black




Matte Green/Black



Hi-Viz Yellow/Black


Wherever your head’s at, we’ve got it covered.

-Helmet City

Brand New Offerings from HJC

If you’re searching for a high quality, comfortable and reasonably priced HJC Helmet, you came to the right Blog! The HJC CS-R2 and Symax III are brand new helmets for fall 2011.  Here is your chance to check out the new and improved CS-R2 and Symax III.  Available in a variety of solids and graphics.

The CS-R2 Helmet is available in multiple color and graphic combinations.  The brightly colored Scarr and Thunder graphics offer visibility to motorists keeping you safe on the road.  You’ll probably notice the riders wearing brightly colored helmets usually catch your eye long before those wearing dark colors.

The HJC CS-R2 is also available in the following solid colors: black, white, candy red, silver, and wine.  If you’re looking for a classic look that isn’t flashy, try a CS-R2 solid motorcycle helmet.

The new CS-R2 full face helmet is feature-packed!

Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell:

  • Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology
  • Aerodynamic shell with large eyeport opening for greater visibility

Advanced Ventilation System:

  • Adjustable forehead and chin vents
  • Two rear exhaust vents
  • Chin bar helps to diminish shield fogging

Comfortable Interior:

  • Plush, brushed Nylex interior lining
  • Removable and washable

Rapid Fire Shield Replacement System:

  • Quick, secure, tool-less shield removal and installation system
  • Aerodynamic, flush-mounted shield fit for reduced turbulence

HJ-09 Anit-Fog Face Shield:

  • Anti-fog, scratch-resistant hard coating
  • Optically correct 3D design
  • Rated to block 75% of harmful UV radiation

The HJC Symax III is a brand new modular helmet available for pre-order only until November 30th.  The Symax III modular helmet provides the benefits of an open-face helmet with the protection of a full face helmet.  Known for being one of the nicer modular helmets there is no reason not to go with the Symax III.  The HJC Symax III is available in solid colors including black, matte black, and silver.

The HJC Symax III comes complete with all the features motorcyclists love:

  • Advanced Fiberglass Spectra Composite Weave Shell with Injection Molded Lightweight Polycarbonate Chinbar
  • Single-Button One Handed Chin Bar/Face Shield Release
  • Superior Fit & Comfort Using Advanced CAD Technology
  • “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
  • Full Front to Back Airflow Flushes Heat and Humidity Up and Out
  • One-Touch Patent Pending* Integrated Smoke-tinted
  • SunShield Deploys Quickly and Easily (HJ-V5)
  • Three Stage Multiple Postions with Locking Mechanism
  • BlueTooth Ready with Integrated Recess and Interior Speaker Cavities (Bluetooth unit sold separately)
  • Optically Superior PinLock Faceshield Provides 95% U.V. Protection (HJ-17) Pinlock Insert Sold Seperately
  • QuickSlide Tool-less Shield Replacement System
  • Multiple Optional Face shields and SunShields Available
  • SilverCool Removable and Washable Interior
  • Moisture-wicking and Odor-Free Interior with Advanced Silver Anti-bacterial Fabric.
  • Meets or Exceeds D.O.T. Standards
  • * SunShield System ( US Patent No. 7,540,033 )

Show off your motorcycle passion in a solid or graphic HJC Motorcycle Helmet today!

Great new graphics from Arai models you know and love!

New releases from Arai – everything from exciting new graphics to brand new colors for all you motorcycle helmet lovers out there!

One of our favorite new releases from Arai is the Arai Profile Graphic – Riptide. The Riptide is available Silver, Red, Blue and “Lady“.

Arai Profile Riptide - Silver

Arai Profile Riptide - Silver

The Arai Profile Riptide Graphic includes the following features:

  • Long Oval Fit
  • Brow Vent Faceshield Ventilation System provides cooling air in upper face area without holes in critical forehead area of the shell or in the impact-absorbing liner material
  • Optically-correct pre-formed faceshields-better vision, UV ray protection with less distortion
  • De-Mist Lock faceshield tab pushes forward to open the shield slightly-help clear fogging
  • Removable Breathguard-reduce fogging by deflecting breath away from faceshield
  • CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) shell-fiberglass composite is stronger and lighter allows use of softer, less-dense liner materials inside for increased rider comfort
  • FFS (Free Flow System-reduces wind turbulence while increasing the exhaust of hot air from the facial area
  • Dual Intake / Dual Exhaust Ventilation-dual TDF-2 top intake vents and DDL-3 bridged exhaust vents designed to draw significant volume of air from helmet interior
  • Multiple-Foam Interiors for comfort
  • Rear Exhaust Channel and Vent adds a racy look while drawing hot air from helmet interior
  • Fully removable liner and cheek pads
  • New enhanced pull down chin spoiler, increases exhaust of hot breath to minimize shield fogging
  • Meets or exceeds Snell and D.O.T. standards

Check out all the other great Arai Profile graphics available at Helmet City. Or if you want to see more models available by Arai click here!

Or if you’re in the market for a new Off-Road helmet check out Arai’s XD-3 line of graphic and solid helmets. Brand new to Arai’s XD-3 line is the Luster Orange graphic pictured below.

Arai XD-3 Luster - Orange

Arai XD-3 Luster - Orange

The Arai XD-3 Luster includes the following features:

XD means “Crossover Design” because it crosses over into so many riding styles. You can quickly and easily change it for adventure touring, dual-sport, Supermoto competition, commuting, whatever. Visually, it looks like a dirt helmet, with its peak, protruding chin bar and the opening for goggles. But the XD Series also has a full faceshield like a street helmet, a faceshield that easily slides up under the peak. And you can remove the shield and/or the peak in no time, and then easily re-install either or both whenever you like. The XD Series. Uniquely functional. Uniquely Arai. And now, when others are introducing their first XD “copies,” Arai is already taking you to the next level with the brand new XD3.

  • High-flow peak channels air directly into the front vents
  • Twin-cam Shield Pivot System allows the face shield to operate fully under a peak that can be lowered for better aerodynamics. Can be configured with shield and peak, peal only (for use with goggles) or shield only
  • Fully Removable/Replaceable and washable liner with optional sizes available for custom fit
  • 4 top vents. Dual Intake/Dual Exhaust Ventilation-dual I/C top intake vents and Double Delta bridged exhaust bents designed to draw significant volumes of air from helmet interior
  • CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) shell-fiberglass composite is stronger and lighter-allows use of softer, less-dense liner materials inside for increased rider comfort
  • Efficient chinbar vent (with Interior and exterior controls) flows fresh air to the mouth area or across the shield interior to help prevent fogging
  • Large chinbar side exhaust vents draw out additional hot air
  • Meets or exceeds Snell and DOT standards
  • The peak/visor supplied is not suitable for high-speed use where air striking a side or main surface of the peak may cause difficulty in returning the head to a forward and/or level position

Looking for more off-road or Motorcross helmet options? Helmet City has plenty of variety to help you find your perfect off-road helmet. Click here to see our collection of off-road motorcycle helmets.

Another great model from Arai is their line of Vector helmets. Recently added to the Vector line are the Scream, Haga and the Samurai graphic (pictured below).

Arai Vector Samurai - White

Arai Vector Samurai - White

The Arai Vector Samurai includes the following features:

  • Relaxed round-oval fit
  • “Delta-3″ top center intake scoop, scavenges more air to help improve airflow even further turbulence over the shield and onto the shell
  • Chin vent design, with dual-pivot hinge mechanism, allows for a more easily operable single span vent gate with an increase airflow capacity
  • Enhanced organic shell shape, bottom trim and (non-removable) neck roll which curve in at the bottom to give a more natural appearance, which also helps minimize wind turbulence
  • Rubber breathguard, designed to better direct fresh air to the inside surface of the shield while at the same time directing hot breath down and away from inside surface of the shield
  • Shell mold features to strengthen the shell, enhance airflow and overall appearance
  • Type-8 diffuser design with redesigned and improved intake and exhaust ports to both improve airflow and reduce wind turbulence
  • Removable liner / Cheek pads
  • SAJ side pods have a lower profile and are much more flush with the shell of the helmet to provide a much cleaner look
  • Meets or exceeds Snell and DOT Standards

Check out all the great Arai helmets available at Helmet City today! We have several new graphics and solids available from Arai - Hurry these great helmets won’t last long!

The Modular Snow Helmet you’ve been waiting for!

You’ve read about our snowmobile helmets; you’ve read about our flip-up modular helmets, but you haven’t read about our snowmobile modular helmets. You get the great features of having a motorcycle helmet designed for harsh, cold snowy conditions as well as the modular ease of a flip-up motorcycle helmet. No more tossing and turning at night thinking about whether an above satisfactory modular snowmobile helmet exists! Have no fear, the motorcycle connoisseurs are here!

The most popular helmet that Helmet City has to offer with these great features is the HJC CL-MAX Snowmobile Helmet. You might be wondering what makes this snowmobile any better than a regular snowmobile helmet? Well, are you in for a treat. The biggest attractions to the HJC CL-Max Snowmobile Helmet is the dual paned shield, the breath box and of course the ease of the modular design.

HJC CL-Max Snowmobile Helmet - Black

HJC CL-Max Snowmobile Helmet - Black

The HJC CL-Max Snowmobile Helmet features include:

  • Lightweight injection molded thermoplastic shell design
  • Flip-up chin bar and face shield
  • Flow-through ventilation system
  • Anti-fog system
  • Removable / washable interior
  • Nylon strap retention band
  • 2-stage compression shield closure system

Construction: Injection-molded thermoplastic shell with ABS/Polycarbonate Alloy chin bar
Weight: Adult: 3.63 lbs/1650 grams (approx)
Standard: Dot-218

Note: This model is also available with an electric shield. So, if you want you face to have the extra coziness of being inside while still in the snow the HJC CL-Max Snowmobile Helmet with Electric Sheild is the way to go.

Snowmobile Gear is Here!

Helmet City recently updated their inventory to include snowmobile helmets and snowmobile accessories. We offer a variety of different snowmobile helmets, modeled after their successful street motorcycle helmet models and several new designs of snowmobile helmets as well.

The HJC Snow CL-15 is helmet modeled after the ever so popular HJC CL-15 motorcycle helmet which received much success and acceptance from the rider community.

HJC CL-15 Snow Cyclone, MC-2

HJC CL-15 Snow Cyclone, MC-2

HJC CL-15 Cyclone MC-2

HJC CL-15 Cyclone MC-2

At first glance we see two very similar helmets, and there are definite similarities. But we’re more interested in the differences these two helmets offer. HJC has brought you the graphics you know and love but made them snow ready. If you own a motorcycle and currently are sporting a CL-15 motorcycle helmet and you’re saying to yourself… “I’m really interested in becoming an intense snowmobile rider, but I don’t really want to give up my motorcycle helmet.” Well, you don’t have to. You can have the same exact style and brand but the comfort of a snowmobile helmet. Don’t settle for using your motorcycle helmet when you can have the custom comfort of a helmet designed specifically for snowmobile riders.

Here’s some of the HJC CL-15 Cyclonce motorcycle helmet features:

**Injection-Molded Polycarbonate Composite Shell Construction

**Flow-Through “ACVS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System

**Anti-Fog System

**Next Generation, 2 Stage Compression Shield Closure System

**Removable / Washable Nylex Interior

**Nylon strap retention snap


Now, let’s check out some of the HJC CL-15 Cyclonce Snowmobile Helmet features:

**Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell

**AccuSight Anti-fog Faceshield

**RapidFire Double Lens Shield Replacement System

**2-stage Shield Closure Mechanism

**“ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System

**Plush, Nylex Interior

**SNELL/DOT Approved

So don’t let us catch you with a motorcycle helmet in the snow. Not only does it not work the same, it’s not nearly the kind of comfort and warmth you deserve from your helmet!

Helmet City also offers several great snowmobile accesories to keep you warm and safe in the snow: Jacket, Gloves, Boots and Heated Apparel. It may be below zero outside but there is no reason it has to feel like it!