New Arai Additions

Would you like to ride in comfort, style and with the #1 customer rated helmet every time you ride… Well you can! When you purchase an Arai you’re ensured to all these things and more. Arai Helmets come in all different styles including Full Face, Off Road and Open Face helmets. The brand new 2010 Arai release is the RXQ full face helmet, which is an improvement and new model of the former RX-7 Corsair. The RX Q has many similar features to Arai’s Corsair V Five motorcycle helmet as well. The Arai RX-Q is now available in many great new solid and graphic helmets!

Arai RX-Q Helmet - Ace Blue

Arai RX-Q Helmet - Ace Blue

The Arai RX-Q is available in the following graphics: Spencer, Talon, Flag UK, Flag Italy, Urban, Gothic, Ace and the newly released DNA. Each Arai RXQ has a long list of great features that together all in one helmet combine to make one of the best helmets on the market!

Arai RX-Q Helmet - Black

Arai RX-Q Helmet - Black

The Arai RXQ Full Face Helmet includes the following features:

  • More aerodynamic shell shape and size
  • Stability and reduced noise
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • Similar face shield to the Corsair V and Vector helmets
  • Intermediate Oval interior shape
  • Snell and DOT

The Arai RX Q includes many other great features – some that you might not even discover until you ride with it on! If you’re looking for the hottest and newest full face, street helmet try a brand new Arai RXQ or the Corsair V. It’s just not a helmet that anyone talks bad about. Just check out some the things are customers are saying about the brand new RX Q motorcycle helmet.

“Arai RX-Q Graphic Helmet. I must admit I was hesitant about spending this much $ on a helmet, but it is worth every penny. As a female rider, I was looking for a well-built, lighter weight, full face helmet. Many I have tried seemed too heavy. This Arai fits the bill and the peripheral vision with Arai is outstanding. I tell fellow riders, no more excuses for not wearing a helmet. You get what you pay for. Being a safe rider is priceless. Spend the money, get this awesome helmet, you’ll wonder why you waited. Thanks Helmet City for the great prompt service” – Jackie Z. 07.13.2010

“Awesome helmet — best ever. What a great combination of fit, sound attenuation, and light-weightedness….Love it…Also, best for peripheral vision as well compared to 3 other helmets I’ve had…” – Ron B. 07.09.2010

“Upgrade from Arai Quantum 2. Super light and Increased Vision! Vents keep the noggin very comfortable. 30-40% less noise inside the helmet while on highway. Cushions around the ears and cheeks are very snug but soft and comfortable. Pretty stable at high speeds when you lift up from a tuck. Well worth the price.” – B.H. 07.13.2010

Whatever you’re looking for in a motorcycle helmet - you won’t be settling for anything but the best with an Arai motorcycle helmet!

Great new graphics from Arai models you know and love!

New releases from Arai – everything from exciting new graphics to brand new colors for all you motorcycle helmet lovers out there!

One of our favorite new releases from Arai is the Arai Profile Graphic – Riptide. The Riptide is available Silver, Red, Blue and “Lady“.

Arai Profile Riptide - Silver

Arai Profile Riptide - Silver

The Arai Profile Riptide Graphic includes the following features:

  • Long Oval Fit
  • Brow Vent Faceshield Ventilation System provides cooling air in upper face area without holes in critical forehead area of the shell or in the impact-absorbing liner material
  • Optically-correct pre-formed faceshields-better vision, UV ray protection with less distortion
  • De-Mist Lock faceshield tab pushes forward to open the shield slightly-help clear fogging
  • Removable Breathguard-reduce fogging by deflecting breath away from faceshield
  • CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) shell-fiberglass composite is stronger and lighter allows use of softer, less-dense liner materials inside for increased rider comfort
  • FFS (Free Flow System-reduces wind turbulence while increasing the exhaust of hot air from the facial area
  • Dual Intake / Dual Exhaust Ventilation-dual TDF-2 top intake vents and DDL-3 bridged exhaust vents designed to draw significant volume of air from helmet interior
  • Multiple-Foam Interiors for comfort
  • Rear Exhaust Channel and Vent adds a racy look while drawing hot air from helmet interior
  • Fully removable liner and cheek pads
  • New enhanced pull down chin spoiler, increases exhaust of hot breath to minimize shield fogging
  • Meets or exceeds Snell and D.O.T. standards

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Or if you’re in the market for a new Off-Road helmet check out Arai’s XD-3 line of graphic and solid helmets. Brand new to Arai’s XD-3 line is the Luster Orange graphic pictured below.

Arai XD-3 Luster - Orange

Arai XD-3 Luster - Orange

The Arai XD-3 Luster includes the following features:

XD means “Crossover Design” because it crosses over into so many riding styles. You can quickly and easily change it for adventure touring, dual-sport, Supermoto competition, commuting, whatever. Visually, it looks like a dirt helmet, with its peak, protruding chin bar and the opening for goggles. But the XD Series also has a full faceshield like a street helmet, a faceshield that easily slides up under the peak. And you can remove the shield and/or the peak in no time, and then easily re-install either or both whenever you like. The XD Series. Uniquely functional. Uniquely Arai. And now, when others are introducing their first XD “copies,” Arai is already taking you to the next level with the brand new XD3.

  • High-flow peak channels air directly into the front vents
  • Twin-cam Shield Pivot System allows the face shield to operate fully under a peak that can be lowered for better aerodynamics. Can be configured with shield and peak, peal only (for use with goggles) or shield only
  • Fully Removable/Replaceable and washable liner with optional sizes available for custom fit
  • 4 top vents. Dual Intake/Dual Exhaust Ventilation-dual I/C top intake vents and Double Delta bridged exhaust bents designed to draw significant volumes of air from helmet interior
  • CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) shell-fiberglass composite is stronger and lighter-allows use of softer, less-dense liner materials inside for increased rider comfort
  • Efficient chinbar vent (with Interior and exterior controls) flows fresh air to the mouth area or across the shield interior to help prevent fogging
  • Large chinbar side exhaust vents draw out additional hot air
  • Meets or exceeds Snell and DOT standards
  • The peak/visor supplied is not suitable for high-speed use where air striking a side or main surface of the peak may cause difficulty in returning the head to a forward and/or level position

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Another great model from Arai is their line of Vector helmets. Recently added to the Vector line are the Scream, Haga and the Samurai graphic (pictured below).

Arai Vector Samurai - White

Arai Vector Samurai - White

The Arai Vector Samurai includes the following features:

  • Relaxed round-oval fit
  • “Delta-3″ top center intake scoop, scavenges more air to help improve airflow even further turbulence over the shield and onto the shell
  • Chin vent design, with dual-pivot hinge mechanism, allows for a more easily operable single span vent gate with an increase airflow capacity
  • Enhanced organic shell shape, bottom trim and (non-removable) neck roll which curve in at the bottom to give a more natural appearance, which also helps minimize wind turbulence
  • Rubber breathguard, designed to better direct fresh air to the inside surface of the shield while at the same time directing hot breath down and away from inside surface of the shield
  • Shell mold features to strengthen the shell, enhance airflow and overall appearance
  • Type-8 diffuser design with redesigned and improved intake and exhaust ports to both improve airflow and reduce wind turbulence
  • Removable liner / Cheek pads
  • SAJ side pods have a lower profile and are much more flush with the shell of the helmet to provide a much cleaner look
  • Meets or exceeds Snell and DOT Standards

Check out all the great Arai helmets available at Helmet City today! We have several new graphics and solids available from Arai - Hurry these great helmets won’t last long!