Snowmobile Gear is Here!

Helmet City recently updated their inventory to include snowmobile helmets and snowmobile accessories. We offer a variety of different snowmobile helmets, modeled after their successful street motorcycle helmet models and several new designs of snowmobile helmets as well.

The HJC Snow CL-15 is helmet modeled after the ever so popular HJC CL-15 motorcycle helmet which received much success and acceptance from the rider community.

HJC CL-15 Snow Cyclone, MC-2

HJC CL-15 Snow Cyclone, MC-2

HJC CL-15 Cyclone MC-2

HJC CL-15 Cyclone MC-2

At first glance we see two very similar helmets, and there are definite similarities. But we’re more interested in the differences these two helmets offer. HJC has brought you the graphics you know and love but made them snow ready. If you own a motorcycle and currently are sporting a CL-15 motorcycle helmet and you’re saying to yourself… “I’m really interested in becoming an intense snowmobile rider, but I don’t really want to give up my motorcycle helmet.” Well, you don’t have to. You can have the same exact style and brand but the comfort of a snowmobile helmet. Don’t settle for using your motorcycle helmet when you can have the custom comfort of a helmet designed specifically for snowmobile riders.

Here’s some of the HJC CL-15 Cyclonce motorcycle helmet features:

**Injection-Molded Polycarbonate Composite Shell Construction

**Flow-Through “ACVS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System

**Anti-Fog System

**Next Generation, 2 Stage Compression Shield Closure System

**Removable / Washable Nylex Interior

**Nylon strap retention snap


Now, let’s check out some of the HJC CL-15 Cyclonce Snowmobile Helmet features:

**Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell

**AccuSight Anti-fog Faceshield

**RapidFire Double Lens Shield Replacement System

**2-stage Shield Closure Mechanism

**“ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System

**Plush, Nylex Interior

**SNELL/DOT Approved

So don’t let us catch you with a motorcycle helmet in the snow. Not only does it not work the same, it’s not nearly the kind of comfort and warmth you deserve from your helmet!

Helmet City also offers several great snowmobile accesories to keep you warm and safe in the snow: Jacket, Gloves, Boots and Heated Apparel. It may be below zero outside but there is no reason it has to feel like it!